Roses In The Summer Rain

Roses In The Summer Rain

For my Mum’s 70th birthday, my Dad bought her 70 red roses, in 2 batches of 35. I know, what a lovely gesture. The second of the 35 arrived on the day of her party, in the midst of a short summer rain shower. This meant they had that wonderful glistening look and were covered in shiny water droplets. So whilst my sister hunted for another vase, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots to capture this unexpected opportunity that my Dad and nature had just presented me with!

The first two images are in the natural ‘rose’ red where you can see the real detail of the water droplets and the layers of the rose petals.

Red Rose Close Up

Red Roses

The next two images, I have added a Photoshop Autumn Filter, which I personally love. The darkening of the outer edges gives real focus to the brighter centre part of the image. Your attention is naturally guided to where I would like you to focus and enjoy the detail!

Red Rose with Autumn Filter

Red Roses with Autumn Filter

With this last image, I have taken the colour away with a black & white filter and made the contrast quite high. I love doing this, where I can because it makes the image look quite raw and adds so much texture. You really notice the layers of the petals and the difference between the light and dark areas of the image.

Red Roses in Black & White

Until next time….


[Cannon 700D with standard 50mm lens. ISO-100, f/5].

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