How To Be A Superhero

How To Be A Superhero

I’m a mini geek with aspirations to advance this status slightly in the future. So part of my homework is learning how to make incredible things happen. This has led me to the Starboard Festival, a small outdoor performing arts festival for children & young people, in Brighton.

My friend and I arrive that the Brighton Open Air Theatre and “WOW”, is the phrase I use on our arrival. What a superb venue, it is beautiful and completely perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon’s entertainment. Looking out from the top step, you can see all the way to the sea.

We are here to see ‘How To Be A Superhero’.

And I for one am pretty excited about this. Tagging along are two 4-year-olds, so let’s superhero-up this review and call the boy ‘Dangerous Duke‘ and the girl ‘Marvellous Mei’. Fitting for the inevitable stars of this little show.

Dangerous Duke is dressed as a ‘casual’ Batman and Marvellous May as a ‘generic’ Bat/Super Girl cross (Superheros are complicated for girls, ok). I think they are ready. My friend and I, perhaps erroneously, are wearing no superhero attire at all.

How To Be A Superhero

The show starts, much more quietly than I had imagined but we are drawn in by the slightly suspicious-looking man on the stage, as he wanders around quietly, then sits down in his chair to eat raw cabbage, I kid you not!

Our hero ‘The Magician’ has had his superpowers taken away by ‘The Collector’ and we are charged with helping him get them reinstated and rid the world of this evil tyrant. The Magician is afraid and needs our help. We are happy to oblige, and it seems, help him eat raw cabbage.


There is no jumping, diving, fighting or shouting. The Magician talks quietly to the children, in a way that is so captivating and to my surprise, he holds all their attention in this big open space.

The show is about belief, imagination and the power of working together. We are treated to a series of superb magic tricks that our little Superheros are able to get up and join in with in our attempt to beat The Collector. We see torn posters resembled, spoons bent and a Houdini-style escape.

We learn that super-strength doesn’t have to mean physical power. Immersed in the show, we really believe we can help save the world using our imagination and collective energy.

In a glass-shattering finale, The Collector (the cabbage), I knew it wasn’t just a healthy snack! Is defeated.


If you BELIEVE, you can make incredible things happen – The greatest superpower of them all.

Perhaps The Magician’s best trick of all though was getting 20 young children to eat cabbage, now that’s impressive!


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