Be Brave, Seize The Moment, Just Do It And Other Such Phrases....

Time To Be Brave And Make Things Happen….

I started writing a blog 8 weeks ago. Here are a few things I have learnt in that time, about myself, blogging and life in general.

The last 2 months have been an extraordinary personal journey of discovery for me. Yes, I started writing a blog, but that’s just one part of it. Something changed, I’m still not sure quite what, but it is good. I have stopped looking at other people and thinking “I’d like to do that” or “I’d like to be more like that”. I’m trying to make positive things happen for me by being proactive and brave. It’s slow progress but there is progress and that’s the only thing that matters.

I feel like this is my time to figure out what I want to be when I grow up…..

Things I have learnt about blogging in the last 8 weeks:

The blogging community is full of lovely people. You’d think people would be cliquey and possessive of their space, a space that as a newbie I just invaded. But they’re not. There are millions of blogs out there, which makes it feel like an uphill battle but everyone is very welcoming and supportive, it’s a great place to hang out.

You could spend all day on Twitter, I mean ALL DAY. Tweeting, retweeting, sharing, liking, linking, it’s exhausting!!! I have a day job so obviously I don’t do this ALL DAY but it’s key to marketing your blog and trying to get your voice heard. As a Marketer myself, I would say just spend the time you do have wisely, in areas where you know you can connect with people in your target audience. Ooh, look at me, giving out advice at just 8 weeks in…….. *rolls eyes*

Looking around you is good. My most favourite thing so far to come out of writing a blog is that it has forced me to stop and look around. I need to figure out what to say each week, so I do research but mostly it’s observational. I have started to put down my phone, turn off my music and watch the world. Watch people (not in a weird way), listen to conversations, notice things around me. It’s honestly wonderful, I highly recommend it. In the words of Ferris Bueller (…. I love this movie)

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Things I have learnt about myself in the last 8 weeks:

I love writing, I mean I LOVE it. I can’t believe that I discovered something new (out of nowhere) that I love doing. I encourage you all to try something new, anything, get out of your comfort zone. Do it and do it now. If that’s not enough encouragement for you then check out the Shia Labeouf video at the bottom of this piece (well I want you to read the rest don’t I). It’s not only hilarious but it might be just what you need right now!

A good opportunity came my way last week, an opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t of put myself out there and taken a leap of faith 8 weeks ago.

My inner monologue is VERY loud. Jesus, I thought writing stuff down would help but I think it’s made it worse! I do wish I’d pipe down sometimes. It’s got so bad that occasionally I can’t remember if I’ve had an ‘out loud’ conversation with an actual person or if it’s just the voices in my head.


….Who said that?

Things I have learnt about life in general in the last 8 weeks:

If you don’t ask you don’t get. An old one but so true. This is about confidence and seizing the moment, something I’m trying to do much more these days. If you want some help or you think there might be an opportunity for you somewhere, go and ask about it. The worst thing the person can say is no. Then you’re no worse off than you were before.

I asked two friends this week to help me with some things for this blog, things that will take them some time to complete. They both accepted enthusiastically and were pleased that I came to them (for which I am hugely grateful). Me from a few months ago would not have asked this question, I would have felt like I was putting them out and asking too much. They are both very talented in their fields so this would have been a massive missed opportunity for me.

‘Winging It’ (to start with anyway) is totally ok. People think that just because you write stuff down and publish it, you must know what you’re doing and be a really confident person. I am not confident about writing at all but I keep going because a few months or more down the line I envision this changing. I’ve learnt that appearing confident is a big step towards actually feeling it. I’m also learning something new every day at the moment, which is exciting and massively rewarding. How many of you can say the same thing? When was the last time you learnt something new?

Know your priorities. Writing about my own journey & thinking about the future has reinforced for me that family is the most important thing, don’t ever lose sight of that, whatever crossroad you come to.

Last few (random) learnings:

Donald Trump needs to shut the f*ck up.

The song I have been joyfully singing along to for weeks now – “Angels On My Side” is Rick Astley!!! I literally had no idea until the other day! #HowDidIMissThat?

Oh and don’t eat yellow snow (but everyone knows that, right?)

Much Love xxx

Thank you to Dan @Don’t Believe The Hype for getting all Shia Labeouf on my ass and telling me to JUST DO IT.

Amazingly brilliant – Shia Labeouf JUST DO IT video




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Pink Pear Bear

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35 thoughts on “Time To Be Brave And Make Things Happen….”

  1. Welldone for getting out of your comfort zone!! I too find that since starting my blog about 8 weeks ago that it’s my therapy! Oh and if you find the off switch to that voice in your head let me know where it is! I feel like my brain is just trying to write one massive long blog all day long! #bigpinklink

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  2. Yey for you! Blogging is brilliant. Two years in I wouldn’t look back and winging it is still OK, fake it till you make it right!? Definitely keep on asking and if you think Twitter is bad, wait until yu get a Pinterest habit, oh my I’ve lost a lot of time to that xx #bestandworst

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good for you! Blogging is amazing isn’t it? I also LOVE writing and blogging has been a huge form of therapy for me in many ways. I laughed out loud at the last bit, so funny! #bestandworst

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  4. Inspiring post. I can sense your passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing and that’s great. I started blogging back in April and even though it’s hard work I love what I am doing. As you said you start to look at the world differently. We all have opinions about things good or bad and blogging is the way to express yourself in the exact way you want to. Keep the posts coming #DreamTeam

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh I really enjoy reading this – I love your style and I have taken huge inspiration from your line about really observing life – I adore a bit of people watching so am going to take a leaf out of your book – put the phone down and watch – oo who knows what I may find! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your posts #stayclassy

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  6. Welcome to the crazy fairground of Blogging! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying it. For just eight weeks old your blog looks great and I’m sure the content will remain just as fab. #bestandworst

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  7. Fabulous to discover your blog via #coolmumclub – this is a great post and congrats on a great start to your blog! I agree with all of this, I too was so surprised at how supportive the mum community is, it’s so lovely to meet lots of lovely mums sharing the same love for writing. I’ve followed your blog now and looking forward to reading more of your posts xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi ya, this is really strange, as last night I was reading your post about basically the same thing as this! And I had meant to leave a comment but then my little boy woke up and that was that 🙂 I really enjoyed your post (I laughed at being stats obsessed!) and the one about being a stepmum. I am loving writing a blog but finding it hard time-wise to do all the ‘marketing’ bits to get it out there. How do you get to write for the Huffington post then, do you have to be asked? Look forward to more sharing xx


  8. Another newbie… An even newer newbie! A fab little piece and all totally true for me so far too… Though I’m yet to try asking for things, I’ll put it on my to do list xxx

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  9. This is awesome. I love how positive and motivating you are. I especially like “if you don’t ask you don’t get” because currently I have been lulling over this decision and based on this post I am going to go for it! You’re so right, if you don’t put yourself out there then the world won’t know what you want. Also, you are doing a fabulous job after only 2 months of blogging!!! Thanks for the motivation and sharing with #StayClassyMama!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. This was shared by Prabs on Twitter and I’m so glad. It echoes all of my thoughts and feelings and although I’ve been blogging as an aside to work since last year, I am now on the blog full time (as opposed to the on the job). I write a post recently about how blogging is every job I ever wanted to do and more all rolled into one. I love, love, love it with a passion and am totally nodding along to everything you have said. I too have learnt an awful lot -( still have a way to go mind) and have found my brave woman. So glad you are enjoying it. Asking for help is always so difficult but I’ve also found people that are sharing this enthusiasm and supporting me. It’s catching! Good luck, thanks for sharing X

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  11. You definitely sound like you have the writing bug… in a good way of course. The blogging world is a lovely, supportive place no matter whether you are completely new or an old hat. Love your loud voices in your head. They say that writers have the loudest of them all 😄 Thank you for linking up to the #dreamteam X

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