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A Little Introduction

Parenting, it’s a struggle, but a joy and whilst you’re muddling blindly through, juggling all of those balls, so many thoughts go through your head. Many of them disappear into the abyss, the important and the insignificant alike but some stick around for a bit, so I have decided to write a few of mine down and share them. Not because I think I’m good at this, I’m no writer and I’m no Mary Poppins. I don’t know the answers, blimey I don’t even know most of the questions! But because I have found it helps, it helps me to rationalise the craziness. And maybe, just maybe, it could help other parents too.

You see the thing is, parenting, particularly for mums with young babies, can be a very lonely place. I’ve been there, I know. But, guess what, you are not alone, there are so many of us, everywhere (a bit like rats). All striving to find that delicate balance between providing and nurturing, ‘time’ being our relentless & unforgiving nemesis. We fight the same battles every day, judging ourselves harshly and rewarding ourselves rarely (if you don’t count the wine).

So let’s talk and let’s write and lets share. Tell me about your day. Think no one’s interested? Well I am.

Trying to get my own thoughts down and into some kind of legible format will be a challenge and bearing my soul to the world seems like a potentially dangerous idea but let’s give it a go, I’m in that kind of mood. Together I hope we can laugh and learn and help each other, along this most epic of journeys.

I’ll go first, here’s a little bit about me:

I’m a 30-something working Mum with 2 young children. A tea drinker, cake eater, marketer, runner, aspiring photographer, erratic wife, annoying sister, playdoh master, washerwomen, chef and general dogs body.

This is me and these are my words….

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The random & chaotic thoughts of a working Mum. I write stories about life as a working Mum, emotion provoking tales, opinion & humour, that I hope people can relate to. A Photographer & advocate of general silliness. Come and join the journey....

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